Return On Health

A new measure of success.

Return on Health is the practice at Pops of targeting the most substantial health risks, established through extensive on-site testing, in each organization, to be able to return the greatest overall improvement in health.

Our testing, monitoring and improving of health risks, within an organization, are the keys to successfully reducing the rise in healthcare costs for our Customers. Dee Edington, PhD, director of the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center said it best: "The most important piece of knowledge that has come from the field of worksite health management is that changes in health costs follow changes in health risks. Research has uniformly demonstrated that as risks increase – even single risks – costs increase. When productivity measures are factored in, the costs are doubled or tripled."1

Here are some important facts about worksite health promotion programs in America:
  • A review of 73 published studies of worksite health promotion programs shows an average $3.50: $1 ($3.50 savings for every dollar invested in wellness) savings to-cost ratio in reduced absenteeism and health care costs.2
  • From a meta-review of 42 published studies of worksite health promotion programs3
    • Average 28% reduction in sick leave absenteeism
    • Average 26% reduction in health costs
    • Average 30% reduction in workers’ compensation and disability management claims costs

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